I Just Purchased My First Motorcycle – What Do I Need to Consider When It Comes to Motorcycle Insurance?

Let’s Hit the Road

Hold on there before you do anything you have to speak with an expert in motorcycle insurance. This is your life we’re talking about here so first things first. We suggest that you speak with an insurance agent who specializes in motorcycle insurance a considerable amount of time before you make your purchase. An expert will help you determine exactly how you want to enjoy your new bike. An experienced motorcycle insurance agent will want to discuss with you various aspects of your plans.

Some factors here include: 

  • how often you want to ride?
  • will you be traveling out of state
  • where your motorcycle will be housed
  • whether or not you will be riding your motorcycle to work

You do not have to attempt to comprehend all of the facets entailed – that’s where your Quality Insurance agent will assist. In this manner, you can concentrate on enjoying your motorcycle instead of worrying about what may happen.

  •  Do you plan on lending your motorcycle to friends and family?
  • Do you plan on frequently having passengers on your motorcycle?

Make your first stop at Quality insurance in Marshall, TX. There are a lot of new things you need to learn about your responsibilities with your new motorcycle. We are experts and will make certain you have the protection you need to enjoy your new motorcycle to the fullest without worrying constantly about what might happen on the road. Come in and speak with one of our agents today. If you like you can give us a call today.




How Can I Learn More About My Flood Insurance Options in Marshall, TX?

If you are in the greater Marshall, TX area, you may be wondering if you have adequate flood insurance to protect your home and property. Now is a perfect time to evaluate your options and take a look at quotes to determine the correct level of coverage for you and your family. The team at Quality Insurance is here to help you navigate this process and have the right policy in place before the next big storm hits our area. 

How Much Flood Insurance Is Enough?

Texas residents know that serious weather events can develop in short periods of time, and while our area of the country is a great place to live, we also experience a lot of volatile weather! When it comes to flood insurance it can be difficult to determine the appropriate level to meet your needs. We recommend that you work with a professional agent to help you determine the right policy. Another good reason to work with a local agent is their ability to help you in the event that you do experience damage and need to file a claim. The claim process can be difficult and time-consuming, but when you have a local agent available to help you get through the process, you can save yourself a lot of stress and headaches! Don’t wait until it’s too late, find out more about your flood insurance options today.

When it comes to flood insurance, it’s always a good idea to have it in place well before you need it! Leave the worry behind and contact the team at Quality Insurance today to review your flood insurance policy options. We are proud to serve the greater Marshall, TX area and look forward to working with you soon!

Do I need to have insurance for my boat?

One question boat owners often ask before taking their vessel out on the water is whether they need to have a specific policy for their watercraft or if their homeowner’s plan covers them.

The answer is not necessarily cut and dry. But, agents at Quality Insurance in the Marshall, TX area are ready to assist.

While many homeowners’ insurance policies do in fact cover boats, these policies usually only cover a limited amount. Also, these policies typically do not include liability coverage, meaning a separate boat policy is generally needed to cover medical costs and damage or injuries to others.

When it comes to specific boat insurance policies, generally speaking, there are three kinds of boat insurance policies available.

The first option covers the cost to repair or replace the boat. Such coverage is often called replacement cost coverage.

The second is for the actual cash value. This type of policy pays to repair or replace a boat minus depreciation, meaning if you purchased your boat for $50,000 a decade ago, it might only be worth $20,000 today.

The third covers the cost to replace or repair a vessel up to a set value in a specific insurance policy. This policy is often called an agreed amount value.

It is essential to understand your policy fully before heading out on the water. Plans could include various limitations, such as a prohibition against use on the ocean or restrictions on underage drivers.

Also, a layup provision may suspend insurance coverage during the months when the boat is not in use.

Still have questions? The team at Quality Insurance in the Marshall, TX area can help, so you can spend less time worrying about insurance and more time enjoying the water.


How Much Coverage Should My Home Insurance Include?

Identifying the amount of coverage that you need in your home insurance policy is tricky. When you’re trying to get a policy that you can rely on in Marshall, TX, it’s important to work with an independent insurance agent. Quality Insurance can help you every step of the way.

A lot can happen to your home in Marshall, TX. It can be broken into, consumed by a fire, flattened by a hurricane, or invaded by a flood. As such, you need to know that you have sufficient coverage to take care of those things. You can file a claim and simply pay the deductible.

The coverage for the structure of your home should be enough to be able to rebuild your home. This means you need to explore the value of your home. As you make upgrades, your policy should be updated, too.

The coverage for your personal belongings should also be explored in detail. You will want to conduct a home inventory so you can be sure of the value of everything inside, ranging from furniture and clothes to collectibles and jewelry. If items are damaged or stolen, you want to know that you can replace them. It may also be necessary for you to get a high-value rider so that items are replaced at their officially appraised value.

If something happens to your home or the contents inside, you want to file a claim knowing that everything will be taken care of. If you have insufficient coverage, your claim could be denied. It’s why having enough coverage in your policy is so important.

Let an agent at Quality Insurance help you determine how much coverage you actually need within your home. We can get quotes from multiple companies, too, in order to save you money on home insurance premiums.


Five ways to manage commercial auto risks upfront

For most organizations, fleet costs are among the highest paid expenses. Nevertheless, not so much attention is given towards its management. Often, when businesses face disruptions that may threaten the business continuity, the costs involved are usually elevated.

Management of key elements that may be drivers to commercial auto risks and providing comprehensive solutions is an important aspect in reducing the business total cost of risks.

Below are five ways which may be useful for the management of commercial auto risks upfront.

  1. Risk analysis of employees by addressing main concerns including financial management, personnel hiring etc.
  2. Management of workplace injuries and providing coverage for which ensures swift payment of income loss remunerations and medical treatments to any employee who is victims of work-related injuries.
  3. Business risk analysis which is intended to combine security from all major property and liability risks such as business interruption, business property among others.
  4. Loss minimization by reviewing and managing claims of risks which could be avoided. This can be done through mitigation of risks to identify patterns and trends which could possibly lessen the prevalence of claims and their rigorousness.
  5. Reviewing the organization’s policies with regards to certain issues which are considered to create a risk culture. Such concerns include driver’s previous history like driver training and any data which might be important in providing vital information that may help in the management of future risks.

In conclusion, reevaluation and management of auto risks can tend to be complex. As your partner in alleviating auto risks, Marshall, TX, Quality Insurance will be glad to offer great advice that best suits your organization’s needs. In addition, we will develop a unique policy tailored to your business specific needs. Visit us or call us today for all-inclusive solutions towards the management of your auto risks.

Does Vehicle Maintenance Have An Impact On Your Insurance?

The agents of Quality Insurance encourage all of the clients in the Marshall, TX area to properly maintain and care for their vehicles. Insurance agents are well aware of how quickly vehicles can start to deteriorate if they are not taken care of the way they should be. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle is in good working order at all times and can be safely driven in most weather conditions.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance offers a variety of benefits. Not only does it help your vehicle hold its value, it also ensures that it is operating at maximum efficiency at all times. Regular oil changes prevent wear and tear on the engine and transmission, while a thorough chassis inspection ensures that the drive train and suspension are functioning as they should. 

Worn Components Can Increase Your Risk of an Accident

When components start to wear out, it can affect how your vehicle handles on the road. Speed, road conditions, and your skills as a driver will also play a role. With regularly scheduled maintenance, your mechanic will be able to identify worn parts, such as tires, filters, gaskets, and hoses, and replace them as needed. Taking care of these issues early will dramatically reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

In Marshall, TX, residents can look to the agents of Quality Insurance if they have questions about their insurance policy and how regular maintenance can protect their vehicle from potential damage. Schedule an appointment today and get the answers you need to keep your car performing as it should. Keep your vehicle in top shape and it will last for many years to come!


Does RV Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Property?

If you live in the Marshall, TX area and use your RV on a regular basis for vacation or to go camping, it’s important that you have the right type of insurance you need to protect both yourself and your property. At Quality Insurance, each agent understands the need for RV insurance and will help you determine what type of policy you need as well as the amount of coverage that will protect you from financial loss in case of an emergency.

Theft of Personal Property

If your RV is in your driveway and not being used, odds are that any theft that results in the loss of personal property will be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. On the other hand, if your RV is parked in a campground and a theft occurs, your RV policy will normally provide coverage. It’s important that you have a sufficient amount of coverage to secure the approximate amount you will need to replace your possessions if a theft does occur.

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Most RV insurance policies cover theft while you are traveling. This type of policy also covers any damages that may occur during an accident or personal injury/liability claims if someone is injured while in your RV or on your rented campsite. There are several things you can add to your policy including towing (if your RV breaks down and must be towed to a shop) and storm damage (especially beneficial if your RV is parked on a permanent campsite).

Marshall, TX residents can get all of the answers they need by calling the agents of Quality Insurance today! They can evaluate your insurance needs and come up with a policy that works best for your situation.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required if You Own Your Bike?

Insurance is something that every responsible driver should have and motorcycle insurance is a great example. Much like auto insurance, even if you own your bike, in order to legally drive it on the road, you must have insurance. The type of insurance may vary if you own your bike, but you still have to have it. For those that live in the Marshall, TX area, the agents with Quality Insurance can help you find the perfect policy.

So how do you know what type of insurance you have to have? For starters, if you do not own your bike you are going to need a full coverage policy to help protect the interest of the lender should your bike become totaled. If you own your bike you can get away with only having liability insurance to help protect other drivers on the road should you have an accident with them. If you are looking to ensure a bike you own you can get less insurance just as long as you have a policy that meets the minimum requirements of your state or locality.

If you do not own your bike, as mentioned above, you are going to need to have full coverage that will cover the cost of totally replacing the bike or paying off the loan should it become totaled. You should take the time to find out what the specific laws for you area are to make sure you are in full compliance with the insurance requirements of your locality. Some states require more insurance while others require less and speaking with an agent is going to help clear up any issues and make for the selection of your policy easier. For those in the Marshall, TX area, the agents with Quality Insurance can help.

Insuring Your Boat In and Out of the Water

Boat insurance is unique in that it needs to cover the boat when it is in the water, being stored, or being transported on the roads. Boat insurance may work in tandem with other types of insurance. For example, a homeowner’s policy may cover a boat that is parked in a garage. Commercial vehicle insurance may cover a boat being transported by a common carrier. Automobile insurance may be extended to cover a boat being hauled on a trailer. Check with your agent at Quality Insurance in Marshall, TX to make sure there is adequate insurance for the boat wherever it may be located and for all of its uses.

Hurricane Risk

Hurricane risk creates an array of complex problems. If the boat is in use and out in the ocean when a hurricane comes, it can capsize and sink thereby harming or killing anyone on board. If the boat is moored at the dock it can be severely damaged. If the boat is moored at the dock and the water level gets high enough, it can come loose and become a dangerous projectile that damages property, which is onshore. This owner of the boat is responsible for this kind of damage when a hurricane makes a boat go out of control and smash into other things, which might be a storefront, a home near the dock, or a parked vehicle.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance is a special type of boat insurance that covers larger boats of more value. Consideration may need to be given to the valuable items on the yacht, such as fine artwork, and those things may need to have separate coverage.

Contact your agent at Quality Insurance, serving Marshall, TX and the surrounding area, to get a quote for boat or yacht insurance and all of your other insurance needs.

How changing your home affects your insurance

It is important to keep your home insurance company informed about any major changes you do to your home because it could affect your insurance. Adding rooms. outside buildings, or even major renovations, an increase the value of your home. As a result, you need more insurance coverage, and therefore that will increase your insurance rates.  You are not required to tell your insurance agent, but if your house is destroyed, you will get coverage for the value they know about. The agents at Quality insurance in Marshall, TX can help you adjust your policy as the need arises.

If you add square footage, like an additional room or attaching a new garage, that will certainly increase the value of your home. If you remove an old garage and replace it with a new one, that probably would not change your rates by any significant amount.

Renovations are a little more complicated. If you upgrade a room with the same basic material, it should not affect your insurance rates. If you put in much more modern equipment in your kitchen, with much more expensive items, that could raise your rates.

There is some good news though. There are times when renovations can decrease your insurance rates. If you live in an older house and upgrade the wiring to make it more energy efficient, that would also increase the level of safety and should lower your premiums a little.  Installing a security system can also reduce your rates. Replacing the roof would too possibly.

Contact your agents at Quality Insurance in Marshall, TX to keep them updated about any major improvements you make.  While this could make your rates go up a little, you will be sure that you are covered if a disaster should strike.