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Marshall, TX is home to many residents who rent apartments, townhomes and condos, all of whom should have renters insurance. For renters, renters insurance provides important protection against a host of perils. If you live in Marshall and rent your home, here’s why you should have renters insurance and how to find an affordable policy.

Renters Insurance Protects Tenants

Renters insurance, as its name suggests, is specifically designed to protect tenants. A renters insurance policy may provide several different types of protections, or coverage:

  • personal property coverage, which covers your belongings
  • liability coverage, which can help defray legal expenses if you’re held liable for certain accidents
  • additional living expenses, which can help you find alternative lodging should a covered peril force you out of your home

Although your landlord probably has an insurance policy, their policy will not afford you any of these coverage options. Their policy is designed to protect them and their asset (the building), and you need a policy that’s designed to protect you and your assets (your belongings).

Independent Insurance Agents Compare Policies

With the help of an independent insurance agent, finding a renters insurance policy is as easy as finding any other type of insurance. Independent insurance agents aren’t paid by insurers, so they don’t favor one company’s policy over another's. Instead, they can quickly compare policies from every insurer in Texas and help you identify the differences in the policies. Not only will they point out the most affordable solution for you, but they’ll also help you understand precisely what coverage are included in a policy.

If you don’t have renters insurance but rent a dwelling, call us at Quality Insurance. Serving Marshall, TX, renters insurance agents at our office have helped many tenants find a policy that met their needs and was affordable. They’d be happy to help you, too. After all, it’s what we do.

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