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Serving Marshall, TX, umbrella insurance agents at Quality Insurance help residents who have sizeable assets find additional insurance protection. If you have assets that you’d like to protect, an umbrella insurance policy can enhance your insurance portfolio. If you live in Texas, independent insurance agents at our office can help you find a policy.

Umbrella Insurance Provides Protection

Umbrella insurance policies complement other policies, which are referred to as underlying policies. Depending on your insurance portfolio, your underlying policies may include a homeowners, auto, or boat insurance policy (or all three of them). These are only a few examples of the types of policies that umbrella insurance can bolster.

Umbrella insurance enhances your insurance portfolio in two ways. First, it extends the limits of underlying policies. Once an underlying policy’s limit is reached, your umbrella policy may continue to provide coverage. Second, umbrella insurance can broaden your coverage, providing protection where underlying policies have exclusions and limits.

Independent Insurance Agents Find Policies

The best way to find an affordable umbrella policy is through an independent insurance agent. You should work with an agent to find a policy, because umbrella insurance policies are complex and their coverage is dependent upon your underlying policies. An agent can explain the details of policies to you. The agent you work with should be independent, because only independent agents are free to compare policies from multiple insurers.

If you live in Marshall, TX and want to learn more about umbrella insurance, contact us at Quality Insurance. Even if we didn’t help you find your homeowners and auto insurance, we can look at your policies and find an umbrella policy that will complement your current policies. Of course, all our agents are independent, so they can compare every insurers' offerings.

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